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The wonderful, wet, and wild world of Piss Play

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The wonderful, wet, and wild world of Piss Play

Of all the blogs we’ve ever written, this is really the piss de resistance. Urine for a good time. So, hop out of your work clothes, put on your pee-jamas, get comfy and xoxo go piss girl. Okay, piss puns aside, we’re about to take you on a journey into the wet and wild world of piss play.


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One of the most wonderful things about being queer is that our existences continuously challenge social norms. So too, the kinds of sex we have. Kink is not exclusively JUST for queer folk, but we already have a predisposition for kinds of sex that defy the status quo, so why not explore all that there is to be found? Piss play flows beyond the tides of ‘normal’ sex and can be enjoyed by anyone who decides to dip their toe in.

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What is Piss Play?

Urolagnia, golden showers, watersports, or piss play is an act that derives sexual pleasure from urine. This could be urinating on or in someone, swallowing another’s urine or your own, or being urinated in or on by another person. Some people derive pleasure from the relief that comes from letting the urine flow, or the pleasure of a fluid that is at body-temperature flowing over their skin. Others may be turned on by the power play that can underpin water sports.

...an act that derives sexual pleasure from urine.

Peeing Precautions

So, you wanna be pissed on? Well, we always start with consent in any sexual activity. Asking your partner to piss on you or to piss on them can be a fun addition to foreplay. This could be explored in mutual consensual sub/dom play, more merely a sexy request. Ensure that you have received a resounding and affirmative YES before beginning.

Contrary to popular belief, urine does contain some level of risk, as it is not always sterile. While piss play carries a much lower risk of HIV transmission, be mindful of any lesions that may be present in your mouth if you are swallowing piss. If lesions or open wounds are present, you can be exposed to Hepatitis B. So, make sure you’re immunised for Hepatitis and check with your GP to see if you require a booster. You may also want to consider the effect that drinking urine has on your kidneys. Urine contains waste, ammonia and other salts (urea) that are flushed out of your body.

What is Hep B?

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Hepatitis B

It's all about location, location, location

Now, because this involves bodily fluids, and sometimes, quite a significant volume, you may want to consider an easy clean up environment to open the flood gates.

A shower is probably the best real estate to do this. Easy clean up, allowing for indoor-outdoor flow 😉, and rinses right down the drain. It can also help you ease into the sensation of being pissed on, when you already have warm water flowing over your body.

If you choose to open the flood gates in bed or on a couch, be mindful that there will be some housework and potentially some laundry to do after you're done. 

What's your flavour?

Beforehand, have a think about the kind of piss you want to play with. What is your ideal smell, taste and colour of urine? Do you want the piss to be a clear stream, or a yellow stream? For those swallowing, it may be lighter on the tastebuds to suck on a lychee-flavoured lollipop, rather than the pineapple-flavoured lollipop, if you catch our drift 😉. As some may say...TASTE the rainbow 🌈.

For those pissing, consider how hydrated you are and how that may affect the experience of the piss play. This will change the flow and pressure of the piss, but also the smell and taste. Peeing on demand is always easier with a fuller bladder, so this may be something to consider when preparing for piss play.

Diving in the deep end?

For the more adventurous among us, you may want to move from peeing-on to peeing-in. From golden shower to golden douche. For people with penises, this is a more advanced practice of water sports, as not only do you need a hard on to penetrate a butt hole, but it’s also more of a challenge to urinate with a boner. Ensure that you are using plenty of lube for any anal insertion, piss-related or otherwise.

Because the piss would be filling the person’s hole, it is imperative that this is a mutually consensual activity. If condoms are not being utilised in this instance, we strongly recommend being on PrEP, if you are having condomless anal sex.

Why is it harder to pee hard?

When you're hard, the prostate swells and blocks the urethra (where your pee comes out), so to allow for better aim and a steady stream, wait until your dick is slightly half-mast rather than standing at attention (rock hard).

Butt stuff and HIV and STIs

Need to top up your condom supply or get on PrEP?

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If you don’t have a penis, but are interested in trying piss play using a packer or stand-to-pee device (STP), we found this resource super helpful on how to use them safely, and this website has a variety of different styles of STP to try.

Packer pointers

Check out our blog on how to make the most of your prosthetic during sex

Unpacking Playing Safe with your Prosthetic

for better aim and a steady stream, wait until your dick is slightly half-mast rather than standing at attention (rock hard).

Spritz for a spritz

If you’re the person being filled, you may want to ensure that you have appropriately prepared your ass to take in this volume of fluid. To avoid any faecal overflow, you may like to remember, what goes in, must come out, so we recommend getting filled in a place that you can clean up easily, in case of any emergency shituations.

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we recommend getting filled in a place that you can clean up easily, in case of any emergency shituations.

For some, dipping their toe into the pond of piss play, may feel as overwhelming as backstroke in a 50m Olympic-sized pool, for others, it may be as fun as the mardi gras pool party. Wherever you land on the spectrum is totally okay. There’s no shame in giving watersports a try. If you enjoy it, great! If you don’t, there are always other sports codes.

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