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Life with HIV

Te oranga me te Whakaruhi Ārai Mate

These pages are for anyone living with HIV. You may want to read all the information at once or take your time – dipping in and out over days or even weeks. You may also wish to send these pages to a relative or friend to read, so they have more information to be able to support you.

Right now, the three things you need to know first are:

  • Most people living with HIV with access to treatment have long and healthy lives
  • Taking antiretroviral medication can reduce your viral load to undetectable levels, which means there is no risk of sexually transmitting the virus.
  • You are not alone and you can be connected to people who will make sure you’ve got the resources, information and support you need to continue to live a healthy life.

If you want to read some stories of some other Kiwis living with HIV you can do so here.

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