Endinghiv Jack 3283

Unpacking Playing Safe with your Prosthetic

Endinghiv Jack 3283

Unpacking Playing Safe with your Prosthetic

Not every trans guy wants to pack and play – if you do, you still need to remember to wrap your willy, even though its detachable.  

There are many awesome resources made for and by trans guys about prosthetics of all shapes that could help you find the perfect package for your parts – but, we wanted to quickly chat specifically about staying safer, especially if you’re playing with multiple partners.  

A quick note on vocab: you may have your own words for your parts and you may be comfortable with some descriptions and not others. We’ve used words that are consistent with other resources like this – but you may want to substitute your own when talking through things with partners. It’s all about conversation and making sure there’s mutual respect going on between you and whomever you like to have sex with. 

We know there are limitless ways to have sex and that not all sex is penetrative – if you are planning on getting your end away though, we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you, your dick and your partners safe.  

Condoms + Lube

Wrapping your package:  

External condoms are a good tool for keeping your dick in pristine condition for as long as possible. A lot of materials and liquids can deteriorate your prosthetic parts over time – so keeping your dick wrapped in a condom will help reduce wear and tear.  

It also stops you from needing to boil your bits. Most sources recommend boiling any prosthetics used for penetrative sex for at least three minutes, to completely disinfect them. With condoms, you can simply whip off one and roll on another. This helps stop the spread of many STIs, as – while it is very unlikely you could contract STIs through your own dick – if you were playing with more than one partner, you could transmit one between them. Consistent condom-use can help prevent transmission of STIs that travel through genital fluids, such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea, as well as those transmitted via affected skin areas touch – like herpes and syphilis.  

Let’s chat lubes:  

  • Silicone lube may deteriorate your dick if it’s made of silicone – this can create little pockets for germs to hide in, making it less safe to play with. Condoms will keep this from happening. 
  • Oil-based lubes – good for getting a glide on with anal – not good for condoms, oil lubes can break down latex condoms and make them more likely to break. 
  • Water-based lubes are a good, all-purpose option that’s not going to harm any silicone parts and condoms – though they’re not the best option for a longer anal session as our bodies absorb the lube over time. Just remember to reapply if you are using water-based lube, so you don’t grind to a dry halt and potentially hurt yourself or your partners. 

But remember… 

The shape and size of your dick isn’t what makes you a man, and whether you pack or not – you’re no less of a guy.  

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