200901 Know Your Kinks Ending HIV NZ

Know your Kinks

200901 Know Your Kinks Ending HIV NZ

Whether you're on the end of a fist, peeking through a keyhole or harnessed in all your leather glory, you'll need to negotiate consent, stay safe and look after each other. Explore below to find out more!

Remember that we’re talking mainly about HIV below – keep in mind STIs like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, and HPV, as well as hepatitis C and B. Some of these often don’t have obvious symptoms, so keep up a regular STI testing schedule and be extra careful with sharing toys or play that draws blood.

We recently held a survey that asked which kinks and fetishes our community has tried - turns out we can be very experimental!


Fisting Sounding Watersports Bondage Puppy Play Foot Play Yiffing Electrostimulation Gagging Rope Play/Shibari Roleplay Exhibitionism Voyeurism Whipping Spanking/Impact Play Leather Play Lingerie Play Toy Play None of the above


Lube, lube and more lube. When fisting a casual partner, it’s a good idea to use a condom or latex gloves. Keep an open and non-judgemental dialogue going as injuries can happen - so check in with your partner(s), whether you’re the one wrist deep or taking the fist. Trimming fingernails and checking for cuts and sores on your hands is always a good idea.


First of all, be careful with what you’re sliding down your cock. Ideally you want surgical grade sounding rods + keeping them sterile is super important. Lube is also key here to avoid tears (ouch!). Risk of transmission of HIV and STIs is really low, just avoid sharing sounding rods. The biggest risk is injury, so take it slow and try talking to someone who knows what they’re doing.


Spray away! HIV isn’t present in urine so there’s no risk of transmission from pissing in someone’s mouth.


Bondage itself doesn’t hold any HIV or STI transmission risk but if your play ends with fucking, remember to bring either condoms, PrEP or a discussion about U=U into the mix. Embrace your inner gimp or dom and remember that consent is key with any power play.

Puppy Play

Who’s a good boy? You are, yes you are! As above, it’s all about consent and keeping your HIV and STI prevention choice in the kennel when play puppy play leads to mounting.

Foot Play

Go forth and enjoy!


If you yiff (also known to non-yiffers as "being a furry") IRL remember condoms, PrEP or U=U for penetrative yiffing! Otherwise, drink plenty of water - it can get very warm in full anthro.


It’ll come as no shock, electrostim can be dangerous, so only play with someone who knows what they’re doing. There is no risk of HIV unless you’re playing with insertable attachments – if these are sterile and not shared you don't need to worry.


Whether you’re gagging on a ball toy or have a throat full of cock, there is very little risk of HIV or STI transmission. Just be a little careful of gags damaging your gums if you plan on swallowing later. Remember, any play that obstructs airways can be dangerous - so monitor the gaggee’s breathing.

Rope Play/Shibari

Beyond possibly losing circulation or getting stuck – your shibari isn’t a kink that puts you at risk of HIV. As with all play that involves vulnerability, keep that consent dialogue front and centre.


“Thank you for rescuing me from that burning building! Can I come back to the station and slide down your pole?” Roleplay is a fun way to spice things up by fulfilling your partners’ and your own fantasies. Keep an open dialogue, don’t lose sight of consent in your role and keep your prevention choice in the room if someone’s going to be fucked – that means condoms, PrEP or U=U.


For those who like to show off, there’s no risk in being an exhibitionist. Just be mindful of the law if you’re thinking of taking things public and remember that just because you want to share it, doesn’t mean people want to see it – consent is important too. If you’re being fucked/fucking in front of an audience, use condoms, PrEP or U=U to prevent HIV transmission


As with exhibitionism, if you’re peeking on partners who know you’re watching – perfect. Just don’t be pervin’ at anything you don’t have permission to


*Crack*, *moan*, repeat. If you like a bit of flagellation (dishing out or receiving) then whip away and just remember that if you draw blood to be aware of the wounds and try to keep cum away from them. Whips are also hard to clean, so stick to using them with one person where possible.

Spanking/Impact Play

Want to leave your mark or leave with rosy cheeks? Take it easy if you see blood and keep the dialogue going! You’re always allowed to tag out if it gets too much - remember that.

Leather Play

Harnesses, chaps and boots? Yes daddy! Whether you’re being fucked through your chaps or grabbing your bottom's harness for leverage, just remember to keep condoms, PrEP or U=U involved.

Lingerie Play

If you’re partial to prettier undergarments when you play, there’s no extra risk of HIV or STI transmission. Just keep your choice of condoms, PrEP or U=U a part of your encounters.

Toy Play

♪ You like, this plug? Gee thanks - just bought it! ♪

Keep toys clean and avoid sharing – or wrap them with a condom if you do. Toys can lead to very fulfilling encounters.

None of the above

If your kinks aren’t listed above or you like to keep things vanilla, there is nothing wrong with that at all. We all like what we like! Just keep to this simple guideline: if it’s going in someone’s ass then you need to think about sterility, condoms, PrEP or U=U. Make sure you're always keeping yourself and others protected from HIV transmission.

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