Pornhub Stats COVID 19 Ending HIV Article Header (1)

PornHub Knows You've Been Good Boys

Kudos For Keeping It In Your Bubble!

Pornhub Stats COVID 19 Ending HIV Article Header (1)
Disclaimer: This content was written and published during the COVID-19 Alert levels and lockdown and 2020. We’re keeping the article up as we think there’s still useful info and advice in here – but please remember the context in which it was written is way different to how things are now.

Our downward trend in new COVID-19 cases has a sister-statistic - PornHub traffic! 

Since COVID-19 started having an impact on what people could do outside their homes, our always-horny-on-main friends at PornHub have been tracking interesting stats about usage habits. 

What did the data say? 

Well, it’ll be no surprise that there were sudden increases and an overall heightened state of wankmergency felt around the world. The months of March and April saw huge leaps in people logging on to get off. 

Which is good - because it means you naughty lads aren’t breaking iso to hook up, and for that we applaud you. Keep it up!

Check out the graph below to see Aotearoa’s traffic stats, and flick through some other countries to see how we compare (if it doesn’t load - you may need to temporarily switch off your Ad Blocker). A highlight being the day PornHub gave all of Italy free pornhub premium!

Pornhub Stats COVID 19 Ending HIV Article

Remember - as we leave Level 4 and go into Level 3, it is still super important not to have casual sex. So don't go scheduling any hookups and keep things digital.

P.S. you gaymers were very excited about the Final Fantasy 7 remake release, huh?

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