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As a community organisation, our volunteers are vital to almost all aspects of our mahi at Burnett Foundation Aotearoa. We deeply value and appreciate the work that our volunteers do.  

The tremendous impact of our volunteers goes above and beyond: 

  • Helping our nationwide distribution of free condoms, 
  • Supporting us in promoting our public health messaging to our Rainbow communities (e.g., pride parades or mpox consultation events), 
  • Ensuring that we are able to deliver the biggest Rainbow event in Aotearoa, Big Gay Out. 

Our volunteers have a strong legacy of community involvement, with several volunteers having supported our kaupapa for 20 to 40 years. These dedicated and friendly community members hold a wealth of knowledge and experience.  

Your support as volunteers, whether it’s your first-time walking through our door or you’ve been here since the start, is incredibly valuable. We truly love seeing new faces and we are honoured, proud, and most of all grateful for the support that our communities provide to our mahi. 

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Keep reading to find out about opportunities to volunteer with us!

Condom Packing Night

Condom Packing Night happens every Wednesday/Thursday/Friday evening depending on our centres. It is when our volunteers come together weekly or biweekly to not only help us pack supplies to distribute to the communities that we serve but also to gather and be with other queer community members and allies.  

Our volunteers have helped us provide to communities: 

  • Condoms, 
  • Pūkoro Ure Fit Kit (our condom fit kit), 
  • Home-testing kit, 
  • Sweat with Pride kits, 
  • Signed birthday cards for our donors, 
  • And more. 

Usual times are: 

  • Auckland (31 Hargreaves St) Wednesdays from 4.00pm to 7.00pm 
  • Wellington (187 Willis St) Thursdays from 4:30pm to 7pm. Fridays from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. 
  • Christchurch (1/275 Cashel Street) Fortnightly Wednesdays 4:00pm to 6:30pm  

Each year, we distribute around 750,000 free condom and lube packs around Aotearoa. This is a vital part of our work, as it ensures people all over Aotearoa have easy access to protection!  

Few people realise that they are hand-packed by volunteers every week in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington and Ōtautahi Christchurch. 
On an average evening we might have 20-30 volunteers in each city, and they’ll pack between 3,000 and 5,000 condom and lube packs over a couple of hours. 

Why you should come along to Condom Packing:

  • Free nibbles and drinks: sweet treats, snacks and soda are all available. You’re welcome to bring your own treats to share as well! 
  • A place to meet new people, make new friends, and join our whānau of like-minded queer community members and allies, 
  • A safe and inclusive space to be yourself, and 
  • Volunteer work that supports our mahi for the Rainbow community.

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Bring Condom Packing to your workplace!

Forget boring staff parties, awkward water cooler chats and casualwear Fridays. Condom Packing Night (or evening or whenever you'd like it to be) are fun, hilarious, and irreverent events that are sure to get your coworkers out of their comfort zone. 

Teach Linda from Accounts how the 'sausage' is made and help us get thousands of condom packs to people all over Aotearoa who need them. 

Sounds like the right stuff for you? Get on board!  

We can put you in contact with our team member and they organise with you how you can help us! What it could look like is we send you a whole bunch of condoms or other supplies along with instructions, and over to you how you can make condom packing the most memorable and fun experience for your staff! 

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