It's time for a chat about scat. Why?

Because your friend, or your coworker might be into it. Maybe even your Mum and Dad like a bit of fun Fecal Friday when you're out of the house.

Hell, maybe you are into it - or curious about it! We believe in de-stigmatising all kinks and fetishes, as long as it is practised safely between consenting adults. Everyone deserves to feel seen, safe, comfortable and confident in their sexual health and wellbeing.

So squat down, relax your sphincter and enjoy. 

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Part 1: What is scat?

Start here with your education in sexual defecation.

In this first instalment of our 2-part series into the world of scat, we go into the history behind poo-play, the culture that surrounds it and the health risks associated with touring your chocolate factory. 

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Part 2: Scat deep dive

Getting down and dirty with the details.

We wrap up Sh*t Talk with a blog that goes deeper into consent and communication around scat play, the logistics of practising it and why this specific kink gets 'shat' on from a shame and stigma perspective. 

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