There are 7 new mpox cases in Tāmaki Makaurau. Whether or not you live in Auckland, you may still be at risk of exposure. Read about symptoms and consults here: More Info

If you’re not eligible for funded PrEP, the first step of sourcing PrEP on your own is to get a prescription. Check out our online map that shows you doctors around New Zealand who know how to prescribe PrEP. This will involve a conversation about whether PrEP is right for you and some tests.

Going to the doctor to get a prescription will mean you will have to pay a standard fee for the initial clinician visit/s. Also, PrEP requires three-monthly check-ins for HIV and STI testing, and prescription renewal, so you’ll need to be prepared to pay for this every three months.

Once you have your prescription, there are a few options for you to access PrEP: importing it yourself, or purchasing it directly from a pharmacy.

Importing PrEP

With a prescription, you can import generic versions of PrEP from overseas for personal use. This involves uploading a prescription for PrEP from your doctor in New Zealand, and purchasing the drug online. Currently, this costs around $50 - $220 per month, plus delivery and money conversion costs.

It is important when importing your own supply that you purchase PrEP from a legitimate website - we can recommend the following:


Purchasing directly from a pharmacy

With a prescription, you can purchase PrEP directly from a pharmacy at market price. We expect this price will be around $75 per bottle, with pharmacy mark-up.

This site shows all pharmacies that may stock PrEP, however make sure to call ahead to make sure they actually have some in stock when you need it. 


Can't afford to self-fund PrEP?

The cost of self-funding PrEP can be prohibitive for some people who need PrEP, which is why a free coupon system has been created.

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