Pexels Andrea Piacquadio 3763865

HIV Activists You Need To Follow

Pexels Andrea Piacquadio 3763865

HIV Activists You Need To Follow

The AIDS Activist Project

The AIDS Activist Project is a compilation of photos, real-life accounts and handwritten letters of those on the front lines in the fight against the AIDS epidemic in the USA. Curated over 30 years it is a sobering perspective of the brave community activism in response to the start of the crisis. Head over to their Instagram and learn more about this important history and the people that spearheaded the movement.

Jay Hawkridge (he/him)

U K HUN? Because Jay certainly is. With over 90K followers on his TikTok and 1.8m likes, this British-based advocate is using his platforms in creative and funny ways to fight HIV stigma and discrimination with his lived experience of life with HIV. Check him out!

@jayhawkridge Can you say ‘undetectable’ #hiv ♬ original sound - Jay

Janeli Alejandra  (she/her)

Mother to three kids and TikToker, Janeli, uses her platform to answer questions about HIV and address stigma. She and her partner are a heterosexual couple who are both living with HIV. Together they offer a different perspective on living positively in the USA. 

Kayden Gray (he/him)

You may recognise Kayden from another of our articles. Kayden is an adult entertainer and activist who is living with HIV. Through his social media presence and his adult-only channels, Kayden celebrates sex positivity and U=U in an empowering and super-hot way! Check out his Instagram, YouTube series or even subscribe to his 18+ channels

Phil Samba (he/him)

Phil is a UK-based social activist, writer and health promoter who aims to promote wellbeing of underserved communities. Through Love Tank and Team PrEPster they raise awareness, educate people about PrEP and create queer health and wellbeing resources for BIPOC individuals across the UK. Definitely worth a follow even though we aren't in the UK!

Nic Holas (he/him)

Nic is an Australian-based writer and political campaigner who champions U=U. He also connects people living with HIV in a safe, supportive space through the amazing organisation The Institute of Many, which he co-founded. He is active across Instagram and Twitter and his story has recently been featured in a compilation of queer stories called “Growing Up Queer in Australia” by Benjamin Law. 

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