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Get Educated While You Get Yourself Off

Man In Bed UEFE Blog

Get Educated While You Get Yourself Off

It’s no secret that HIV stigma is super harmful - and way more prevalent than most are willing to admit. This is why activists around the world are bravely and constantly finding new ways to combat stigma, and especially to remind everyone about Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U).

Kayden Gray is a pornstar and activist living with HIV who’s just found an incredible way to get the message across about U=U!

Undetectable Equals Fucking Untransmittable (UEFU) is hardcore porn with a powerful message that people need to hear, dealt with in a hot way that celebrates sex and empowers people living with HIV. 

Watch Episodes One & Two for Free

Ep One Ep Two Ep One (SFW) Ep Two (SFW)

None of us really watch porn for the plot, unless it’s those boys cooking up a salad, but this story is a must-watch. 

The two-part series takes us along on a hook-up between Kayden and fellow performer Bishop Black, after chatting on Grindr. Things get tense when Bishop drops the “clean” bomb (please don’t ever use this term in your bio or your hookups) as he doesn’t understand U=U. This leads Bishop on a bit of a journey to confront his own internalised homophobia and HIV stigma - with the help of iconic drag queen Bianca Del Rio!

“🎗 Bishop - who’s HIV negative - consented to coming off PrEP for the time of the filming, which left my being on HIV meds and undetectable as his only HIV prevention tool. This allows the film to do more than support U equals U theoretically - it transforms it into a real-life testimony to the reliability of treatment as prevention, making UEFU the first of its kind.”
- Kayden Gray

Check out Episode 1 and Episode 2 for free on Kayden’s page - and if you’re at work and just want the story, there are SFW versions of each (Ep 1 & Ep 2) without all the penetration.

It’s amazing to see stigma being confronted in the porn industry and we’re so glad Kayden and the team behind this video are getting the U=U message out there.

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