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Gawk gawk! How to train your thrussy

In this blog, we’ll go over the basics of how you can start training yourself to become a pro at giving brain 🧠 with tips and tricks, but also the knowledge about how you and your partner(s) can stay safe.

Thrussy banner

Gawk gawk! How to train your thrussy

In this blog, we’ll go over the basics of how you can start training yourself to become a pro at giving brain 🧠 with tips and tricks, but also the knowledge about how you and your partner(s) can stay safe.

Thrussy (noun): Throat pussy. Born out of an iconic Tumblr meme and the ~ussyfication of our daily vocabulary.

Used in a sentence: My thrussy got to gawk on a large piece of meat in the sauna last night.

👅Slurp slurp slurp: Now let’s get into it:

Despite what you may have seen on X—perhaps someone lying on their back getting their thrussy fucked—deepthroating just doesn’t come naturally to people. Sometimes, neither does the ability to give head.

Your 👄 mussy—I mean your mouth— and your thrussy aren’t designed to hold a dick inside them for a prolonged period.

However, this isn’t to say we can’t train them to do so. In this blog, we’ll go over the basics of how you can start training yourself to become a pro at giving brain 🧠 with tips and tricks, but also the knowledge about how you and your partner(s) can stay safe.


Before we get into the juicy bits, make sure that you and your partner are practising consent. This makes sure everyone in a sexual encounter feels, safe, comfortable, and enthusiastic about the activities taking place.

Consent is safety. Consent is sexy. Consent is pleasure.


Gawk gawk gawk: Your gag reflex 😮

If you’re sussed with experience in gawking down on some dick, or if you’re into gagging, feel free to skip this part. This part is for the girlies, gays, and theys who have a shy gag reflex.

Your gag reflex or “the pharyngeal reflex” is an involuntary reflex when you touch the back of your throat, your tonsil area, the roof of your mouth, or the back of your tongue. According to a study of 140 people, about 37% of people were found to not have a gag reflex.

Whether you’re trying to deepthroat or not, some find that just trying to suck a dick, placing a toothbrush on their tongue, or in some extreme cases hearing the sound of people gagging, will make them gag. But here’s the thing; it’s normal to gag. It’s just a natural response of your body so something doesn’t fall down your throat and choke you. But you can train to desensitise your gag reflex.

By doing this, it stops you from gagging anytime you try to save that dick by giving it CPR and it touches the back of your throat.

Training to desensitise your gag reflex:

When brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush or a scraper to brush your tongue as well. Not only will you benefit from getting rid of bacteria and freshening your breath but, over time,  you’ll also start to notice your gag reflex desensitising.

Use your finger or a dildo/phallic-shaped sex toy to train your thrussy: Make sure it’s sterile or has been cleaned properly. If using a sex toy, make sure it has a flared base, so it doesn’t get stuck in your throat.

Then, place it in your mouth and slowly push it towards the back of your throat. Getting into a comfortable position will help, especially one where you are steady and in control; you don’t want to trip or fall while you’re practising.

Go slow. And by slow, I mean really show. Remember to breathe steadily through your nostrils.

  • Relax your throat. As the object moves further down, you’ll find yourself gagging now and then. If it gets too uncomfortable, or you feel like you’re about to throw up, take it out and take deep breaths. Once your heartbeat has slowed down, and your gag reflex has relaxed, have another go.
  • Ideally when practising you should be able to hold it in for about 10 seconds without moving.
  • Do this about three to four times a week and you’ll see that your gag reflex has desensitised to a point where you don’t gag as much — or at all. And all that’s left to do is get that mussy to gawk down on some dick.

P.S. Don’t push yourself to gag. The point of this exercise is for you to supress your gag reflex so that you decrease the sensitivity of the reflex over time.

If you’re struggling, here are a few additional things you can try.

The pressure point technique:

This technique was created by dentists to help patients adjust to having objects in their mouths.

🎶Mouth wide open, mouth wide open like I was at the dentist.

🎶Put it so deep I can’t speak a sentence.

Apologies, I had to. These lyrics are from the iconic song called Deepthroat by the icon Cupcakke. it might bring you some inspiration like it provided me.

Back to topic. This technique is safe and proven to be effective.

Make a fist with your left hand by wrapping your fingers around your thumb. Then, apply pressure by squeezing down on your thumb while practising or performing 👀. You should see a noticeable difference in the sensitivity of your gag reflex.

Try this technique especially when you are training your gag reflex. If you’re not sure how to do this, watch this TikTok.

Fake yawning

Another technique that you can do to avoid gagging is try fake yawning. When you yawn, your velum/soft palette is raised which in turn raises the uvula, aka the dangly thing that swings in the back of your throat.

Munch munch munch: Your teeth

Your teeth are something that, inevitably, you and your partner will have to deal with when it comes to blowjobs.

To avoid being “toothy”, wrap your lips around your teeth when you go down on your partner. This avoids your teeth making contact with the penis which can be quite painful for the bj receiver. This is especially the case when there’s movement/thrusting.

Some express concern that their partner might feel pain, or the dick can make unwanted contact with the teeth.

A simple solution is talking to your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t. Apart from consent, talking about what feels good is fucking hot, keeps up the mood, and ensures everyone has a pleasurable experience.

However, there comes a point where physics just overrides everything. Your partner’s dick might be too big for your mouth, so inevitably they will have to feel your teeth.

What do you do then?

Darling, don’t you worry. There might be other techniques you can explore.

👅Mlem mlem mlem: Your tongue (& maybe your hands)

Your tongue might have you covered as well if your mouth isn’t able to take the whole thing.

When going down on someone, people often fixate on taking in the shaft and the thrusting motion, but the tip of the penis (especially the glands) have the A LOT of nerve endings, and you’ll stimulate it plenty by using your tongue.

Another technique is called taint-to-tip. Imagine an ice cream on a hot summer day; it's melted and dripped all the way down to the pointy part of the cone, and to stop it from dripping, you lick it all the way up to the ice cream.

So, pretend your partner’s perineum (area between anus and the balls, AKA the taint) is the pointy end of an ice cream cone, lick it all the way up to the head, either repeatedly or in between the time that you are sucking the dick. Sometimes, while licking their taint, balls, or shaft, you might want to apply pressure with your tongue for maximum pleasure.

Again, ask your partner if this is okay. While licking your partner’s taint, you might feel like rimming them on a whim. Make sure you ask for consent before trying anything.

Tip: While your mouth is busy, your hands are free - so use them. Feel their body, play with the balls, finger them. There’s so much you can do but don’t forget to keep up the conversation about consent and what feels good and consent while doing this 😉😜.

The risks:

  • STIs and HIV:
    • You can get syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia from blowjobs, as well as other types of inflammation caused by bacteria in the mouth. So, while you're relatively safe from HIV, if you're having oral sex with multiple partners then you should be getting tested for STIs at least once every three months.
    • Oral sex isn’t a high-risk activity for HIV because the lining of your mouth is strong, and your saliva contains antibodies that neutralise and deactivate the virus.
    • However, what may increase the risk for HIV and STIs is rigorous brushing and flossing of your teeth as it increases the risk. You shouldn’t brush your teeth or floss right before or after sucking dick. The friction of the toothbrush/floss may open wounds in your gum making it easier for infections to happen. Rather, use mouthwash if you need to freshen before/after the job.
  • Choking: As mentioned earlier, your gag reflex is there so you don’t choke. It’s important that when doing your training or blowing someone that you are extra mindful of your own safety.

Beyond the tips:

If you’ve gotten this far into the blog, I can tell that you’ve got commitment. I respect you and I see you. I’ve got a couple more tricks up my sleeve that I’ll share with you since you’ve got the motivation to take your thrussy far and beyond.

Use edible or flavoured lube: Yes, this might sound strange but apparently it helps glide the penis better, especially when you're training with a dildo.

Saliva: There’ll be fluid when you’re going down on someone, and sometimes a lot of it. But don’t get intimidated by this as saliva also works as lubricant and makes the experience a lot better for both the giver and receiver.

Take it slow: I keep saying this again and again but it’s important. You don’t want to be rushing so that dick could touch the ding-a-ly thing that’s swinging in the back of your throat. Going too hard may also puncture your airway like this man who went viral posting about how he went to the ER after sucking a 10-inch cock.

Deepthroating: This is a very advanced technique of blowjob, one that needs its own blog to cover everything from the tip to the base, if you know what I mean 😉. So, let us know if you’d like to see another gawk gawk chapter where we cover deepthroating.

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