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Cleaning your toys

Endinghiv Article Cover Cleansextoys 2


Whether your toys are for solo play or take a tour around the block, it’s important to keep them clean. Not only to prevent transmission of any infections between partners and keep yourself out of trouble with bacteria build-up, but to make sure they last as long as possible and you get your money’s worth. 

Pro-tip - if you regularly share insertable toys, condoms are the easiest way to reduce risk of transmission. Just make sure you also change to a new condom between partners.

Toys that are cleaned properly and after each use, are going to serve and service you better in the long run. Learning how to take care of them means you can be taking care of yourself, and any partners you want to introduce to your little friend.

Remember, not all toy materials are created equal, and some require different treatment to keep them safe to use. Read on to find out the best ways to look after these little orgasm investments.  



There are quite a few different ways to keep your toys clean and it depends largely on what material they are made of. Make sure you know what you're playing with before you dunk it in boiling water, as that could wreck the toy instead of enabling the toy to wreck your bussy.

First, let's talk materials



Unfortunately for your holes, rubber is pretty porous (which means it has lots of tiny holes and pockets in its surface) - which makes them difficult to clean properly. It could also mean they contain phthalates (chemicals that can be super bad for you if leached into your body), so the experts recommend using condoms with insertive toys made of rubber - yes, even with yourself. 



The important thing with cleaning glass toys is not to confuse them with pyrex toys, which can withstand a lot more heat. Standard glass toys are non-porous, which leaves fewer hidey-holes for things to hide and grow - so warm water and your standard hand soap are your go-to.



Pyrex toys are part of that wonderful subset of sex toys that can go through the dishwasher with no issue - making cleanup a breeze. Pyrex is also non-porous, so it's much easier to clean.



One of the most versatile toy materials when it comes to cleaning. Silicone is your friend. You still need to treat it with care though. Silicone can be put into boiling water for 5 minutes, put through a dishwasher cycle (in the top rack) or washed in warm water with antibacterial soap. The key thing to keep in mind is: if it has mechanical parts (i.e. a vibe instead of a dildo or plug), be a bit more careful, don’t put it through the dishwasher or submerge completely in boiling water - opt for the soap and warm water method and try to keep mechanical parts (especially if they’re not housed in waterproofing) from being completely submerged. You don’t want to turn your $150 vibrating orgasm machine into a stationary dildo!


Leather can be used to make many sexy things, but we’re assuming in this context it’s likely we’re talking something used for impact play or flagellation (smacking and whipping). This type of play has a bit more risk of drawing blood than getting intimate with your vibrator, so remember that you still need to keep them hygienic, even though these toys tend not to end up inside you. Wipe down leather products with a damp, soapy cloth and make sure not to soak it or submerge it.


Stainless Steel

Another wonderfully non-porous material to explore your orifices with. If your stainless steel toy is attached to an electrical device or involves electricity at all - use only warm, soapy water and take care not to submerge any electrical components (obviously make sure it’s unplugged too!). Otherwise, you can boil them or place them in the dishwasher like with silicone. Just don’t use them again until they cool down either (ouch)!



Sounds creepy - feels amazing, but it is tricky to clean. Cyberskin is likely what your realistic, veiny suction dildo is made of on the outside. It simulates the texture of soft skin and even warms up with your own body temperature - yum. The catch is that it’s delicate and actually pretty porous. Use soap and warm water without too many suds or vigorous scrubbing as it’s a pretty sensitive material. As with other porous toys, it’s likely there are pockets that you’ll never truly be able to clean, so keep that in mind when planning a future together - maybe not as long as you’d hope. 


If you have a toy made of hardened plastic, clean it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Do not boil them though - extreme temps warp plastics and can cause chemicals to leach out. 


A big part of making sure your toys stay safer and last longer (these things aren’t always cheap, so you’ve got to get your money’s worth!) is making sure they dry properly before being stored. 

Use a clean towel or paper towels and pat it down. If you want to leave them to dry completely, make sure you don’t just leave them out in the open air, as a wet toy is going grab all the dust in your house and make a cute little jacket that you’re going to have to wash all over again. Keep them covered in the towel/s and don’t put them back into storage until they’re completely dry.

Making sure they dry properly means there is less moisture for germs to hideaway in and build up when they’re back in storage. 



For some people there’s not a private space to keep them in a shared living situation - so toys may end up hidden in a pillowcase in a corner of a drawer or a decoy box for something else. While we totally get that - your toys are going to last longer and be less likely to become breeding grounds for bacteria if you can store them properly. 

Different materials don’t always play nice together, so being able to store them without them touching each other is a good first step. This is why cases are the preferred go-to for taking the best care of your bits and pieces. 

Obviously having a toolbox full of dicks and vibrators is not the solution for everybody, so if you do have to use a bag of some kind, try lining it with a softer material and have some excess to put between toys so they aren’t touching - toys that come in their own cute little pouches are a plus for this storage solution. Better yet, find a bag made of washable material so you can stick it through the washing machine every now and again to keep everything super hygienic. 

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