Hand throwing a bunch of blue pills

Five Ways To Be A Pro PrEP User

Hand throwing a bunch of blue pills

Five Ways To Be A Pro PrEP User

PrEP is super-effective and very compatible with other prevention methods (condoms and U=U) – so, no matter what your choice is, you can fuck with confidence, knowing you and your partners are protected from HIV.


Want to be the best kind of PrEPster? Here are some tips:


1. Know what PrEP does and doesn’t do

As awesome as PrEP is, don’t be that guy that forgets it only protects from HIV – other STIs can still sneak in :O. Condoms are still a great idea for casual sex, even if you’re on PrEP – and make sure you’re getting tested for STIs regularly. That way, if you do pick up something like syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia, you can get it treated quickly and prevent it passing on to anyone else.


2. Remember to try and take it daily

Oh, and take your PrEP daily as well ;) Set up a recurring reminder on your phone – PrEP is most effective if taken consistently. Doing it at the same time every day will also help you remember, especially if you’ve just started.


Daily PrEP not for you?

If you’re having infrequent sexual encounters or only need to take PrEP for a short time, on-demand could be an effective HIV prevention option for you.⁠

PrEP 2-1-1, what you need to know.

3. Respect your partners

If a partner/fuckbuddy/slave/pup/daddy wants to keep condoms in the mix, don’t try and talk them out of it. They’re entitled to their preferred prevention method and if you can’t meet in the middle, there are plenty more dicks and asses in the sea.


4. Be cool with questions

You may find that as a user of this shiny new prevention option, you could be the first person on PrEP that someone encounters. Questions are natural, and you may well enlighten some lucky gay to a ‘hole new world (plus, if the questions are too hard you can link them to us 😊).


5. Be a patient patient

If you’re trying to get on PrEP, please remember it’s not an overnight box to tick. There are a couple of doctor’s appointments, tests and a little waiting.


Bonus tip for condom users

Slut shaming = bad! If someone has chosen PrEP as their go-to, whether they have a few regulars or a new partner every night, then more power to them. They’re playing their part to end HIV – and nobody deserves to be judged for looking after themselves and their community.

 Can’t we all just… get along??

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