Pride Travel Ending HIV Culture Artcile

5 Ways to Pack, Prepare and Party Anywhere in the World with Pride

Pride Travel Ending HIV Culture Artcile

5 Ways to Pack, Prepare and Party Anywhere in the World with Pride

Wherever and whenever you want to go in the world, the calendar is always packed with potential Pride holidays – from Winter Pride in Queenstown to September’s Bears on Ice in Reykjavik, Iceland.

And because there’s just so much choice for outrageous fun and frolics, we thought we’d share a few pointers on how to make sure you have a great time.

1. Know where you’re going and why

From the red hot Burning Man festival in the United States’ Black Rock Desert to Belgian Leatherpride in freezing February, there really are a phenomenal number of events around the globe to choose from. Get yourself stuck in to a good gay pride calendar and do some research – some, like Tel Aviv, might be centred on the beach while others may be street carnivals; some might include film festivals, others might be more family-friendly than fuck-fest. And are you going alone or as a couple? If you’re flying solo then you might want something loud and gregarious where you can meet people easily, whereas if you’re with your significant other, you might decide to tie in a bit of off-the-beaten track travel alongside the main event.

2. Make an event of it

Sure, you don’t have to go to the lengths of New Zealander Jonathan Sammons and find yourself splashed across the world’s social media after your policeman boyfriend proposes in the middle of London Pride parade. But, still, whether you’re driving up for Auckland Pride, flying short-haul to Sydney’s Mardi Gras, or heading halfway around the world to a European LGBTQ hot-spot, you’re not there just to make up the numbers. Get involved, get dressed up (or down), visit a few drag shows, meet the locals. It’s called Pride for a reason!

3. Undress to impress

It goes without saying that you’ll be packing your sexiest underwear and coolest festival gear – but just bear in mind that Pride parades and parties are as much renowned for flesh as fashion. Yes, pick, pack and prepare your glamorous outfits around rainbow colours, leather and sparkling accessories – but don’t be shy to go glitter and body paint if that’s your thing.

4. Be an app-y traveller

These days Google Maps, Twitter and Instagram are pretty much welded into the palms of world travellers, but there are plenty of other apps out there that can really boost your enjoyment of a destination holiday – especially if you’re going because of a Pride festival. First of all, have a trawl for any local apps tied in to your personal tastes – there’s likely to be a local Pride app or website to start with, which will help you navigate your way around all the shows, parties, clubs and events. Then, of course, there’s Grindr, Scruff, Tinder and Hornet which are most likely already on your radar for hook-ups and dates – but all of these apps can also provide a window into some perfect Pride preparation. Set up a friendly profile, say you’re a tourist and ask for insider info about where you’re heading.

5. Safe travels

Some places are gay-friendlier than others so find out before you go whether you’re heading to a politically volatile festival or an out-and-proud popular party. There are also plenty of ways to ensure you’re on the right track – even if you’re travelling alone: things like booking travel on gay-friendly websites, joining group tours or filtering online searches, reading up on gay travel blogs, or researching the gay bars, coffee shops and hot-spots before you go. And, of course, you can count on us to give you a headstart in packing for a safe trip – just contact us here for free condoms and lube!

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