The Burnett Foundation Aotearoa Trust Board is responsible for governing the organisation as a whole, without managing the operational aspects.

The Trust Board sets the organisation’s strategic direction and vision, its policies and performance measures. It appoints, delegates authority to, and monitors the Chief Executive Officer’s performance. The Board ensures the organisation has the resources to achieve its mission while monitoring and evaluating its performance and risk. The Board is accountable to key stakeholders through reporting and the production of annual reports.

The Trust Board is required to act within the boundaries of the Trust Deed and other relevant legislation and regulations.

The rules about the Membership of the Board are set out in clause 10 of the Trust Deed. The Board may appoint between three and seven Trustees, each for an initial term of two years. Trustees may be reappointed for up to two further two-year terms, after which they must stand down for a least two years.

Trustees are appointed/reappointed with a view to ensuring continuity of the Board, and to ensure that the Board has the appropriate skills, expertise and experience necessary to carry out its duties in a responsible way.

The Board adheres to Treaty of Waitangi and Equal Employment Opportunity principles when undertaking the recruitment and selection of Trustees.

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