Pūkoro Ure Fit Kit

So you want to find the condom that fits you best?

That’s great!

Remember, penises come in all shapes, colours, sizes and with different foreskins too. There is a condom that’s just right for your wonderful and unique body, so stand proud no matter your fit!

There are many ways to have safe sex, but condoms and lube are the most accessible and effective way to protect yourself and your partner/s from acquiring HIV and many other STIs. Getting into the habit of using the right condom as early as you can is a great way to stay safe for the rest of your sexual life. So, it’s awesome you’re here to find your fit!


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Hit one of the buttons at the top of this page to either order a Pūkoro Ure Fit Kit or find more of your fit if you've already had a kit! 

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