Mouth Ending HIV Sex Article

The mouth: One of the sexiest body parts

Mouth Ending HIV Sex Article

The mouth: One of the sexiest body parts

Here you’ll find some great info on how to use this fantastic facial feature to stimulate other sexy organs for many years to come.

Sucking cock

One of the main things that most men who have sex with men really enjoy doing is sucking cock.

A good tip for starting out is to use your tongue on the underside of the dick head. Use plenty of spit and get a good rhythm going. Don’t forget about his balls – they love being played with as well.

If he’s sucking you and what he’s doing feels amazing, tell him. If you want him to do something else, tell him.

Sucking dick isn’t a high-risk activity for HIV because the lining of the mouth is strong, and saliva (spit) also contains protective properties. It’s hard to infect the skin inside your mouth.

If your partner comes in your mouth it does increase the risk of HIV, as HIV is in cum. Either spit or swallow quickly, as it’s the length of time the cum is in your mouth that’s the risky part.

Having a healthy mouth reduces the risk of acquiring HIV. Bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, and throat infections make it easier for HIV and STIs to be transmitted. Flossing or vigorous brushing is better after the big date – not before – because it can break the skin on the gums. For fresh breath try a light brushing followed with chewing gum, mints or mouthwash.

Men who have lots of oral sex with multiple partners should get regular (3 to 6 monthly) check-ups for STIs like gonorrhoea, chlamydia (throat and anal) and syphilis (lips and tongue). You can also be exposed to Hepatitis B from infected cum. Vaccination is a good idea if you’re sexually active – Twinrix is the best choice because it also protects against Hepatitis A.


Licking an ass or having yours licked is a big turn on for some guys. If rimming is one of the things you’re into or that you’d like to give a try, then making sure you’re squeaky clean is a great first step. But be sure not to get soap inside your ass, as it will interfere with natural bacteria and irritate sensitive membranes.

If you want to lick someone’s ass, this is considered pretty safe from HIV transmission – but there’s risk of other infections, like Hepatitis A. If you love rimming, getting vaccinated with Twinrix is also a good idea – it protects against both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.

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