Trans Artists You Need to Follow!


Trans Artists You Need to Follow!

This Trans Week of Awareness ,we wanted to share some amazing trans artists (from Aotearoa and around the world) that we think are absolute must-follows! This list is not presented in any particular order - enjoy!



#1 - @chellaman  (He/Him)

Chella Man is an artist who makes work about his experiences as a deaf, Chinese, Jewish, and trans person. Not only is he a painter but he also draws & creates short films. He also has an amazing Youtube channel where he has really open conversations about his experiences!


#2 - @roostertails  (He/Him)

Sam is a local comic artist here in Aotearoa. He illustrates the autobio webcomic Rooster Tails, which is about his life as a queer, trans man. Sam's comics are earnest, honest and funny - the way he talks about his experiences, mind, and day-to-day life brings you right into his world. Roostertails is not only a webcomic that celebrates trans folks and their experiences, but the queer experience too. Highly recommended! 

#3 - @dorianelectra (They/Them)

We first came across Dorian when they released their song “Man To Man” - their vocals were not only mesmerising, but the absolutely flamboyant portrayal of masculinity blew us away. Dorian’s music delves into the realms of hyperpop with their use of really exaggerated electronic elements and their music videos are all works of art - often with a dash of satire. Their music is constantly evolving and they are really starting to make waves - they even have a hit song with Rebecca Black! Ugh they’re so cool!!

#4 - @doodlemealive​ 

Doodle Me Alive AKA Jae Lin creates typography based illustrations which focus on trans liberation, love, affirmation, and the occasional cute bunnies! Their work is incredibly cute and they even have an Etsy store where you can buy their typography as stickers! 

#5 - @mrsgendered (He/They)

Auggy illustrates an autobio-style comic that reflects their own experiences and sparks conversion and discussions around the Rainbow community, politics and their experience of being a trans man. His comics are illustrated in a really cute style. We love that Auggy opens himself up to feedback and uses his medium to learn and reflect himself - not just educating others but growing as a person through their art!

#6 - @missgeenax (She/They)

It goes without saying that this wouldn't be complete if it didn't include our local pop princess Miss Geena! We're sure you’ve seen her on the second season of House of Drag. Not only are they an incredibly talented artist and performer - they’re a musician too. Miss Geena is a triple threat taking Aotearoa by storm!

#7 - @awapxna  (She/Her)

Awa Puna is an artist and filmmaker here in Aotearoa - through her art and writing Awa Puna explores concepts of self-identity. She's used her personal experience with coming out and transitioning to help others do the same.


#8 - @sophie_msmsmsm (She/They)

SOPHIE was the embodiment of experimental pop music, a genius producer who worked with artists such as Madonna and Charli XCX. Originally from Scotland, SOPHIE really captivated listeners with her extreme glitchy, kinetic sounds. If you know SOPHIE's music, you can absolutely hear when she was involved in the production of a song.

We’ve linked her Soundcloud and YouTube too so you can be across all of her mysterious workings!



#9 - @thehoodsupreme 

It takes a lot of talent and creativity to be Mother of the fabulous Vogue Haus of Coven-Carangi. Coven-Carangi is famous in Aotearoa for their spectacular performances and credit is due to Moe "Mistress" Laga and her amazing work as Mother and creative director. Outside of Coven, Mistress is also a performance artist, director, actress, and writer! All hail Mistress Supreme!


#10 - @arca1000000  (She/Her)

Arca is a Venezuelan producer and musician who has contributed production to artists such as Björk, FKA Twigs and Frank Ocean. Her latest album KiCk i contains reflections on herself, language, and love - exploring these concepts through electronic glitch pop. Her music videos are always a visual spectacular as well! She's also an absolute fashion ICON too! She looks like she's been plucked out from the year 3059 and transported back to take us to our salvation.

#11 - @jaycee_babyyy  (She/Her)

An artist in her own right, Jaycee is a member of FAFSWAG and a prominent voice in the Vogue community here in Aotearoa. She continues to break down the cultural stigma towards trans people. Jaycee is also a writer, dancer, choreographer, and youth worker involved with the community. You absolutely NEED to follow her! 

#12 - @brownboymagik  (He/Him)

Brown Boy Magik is a recording artist here in Aotearoa! He's got an up and coming album called TRANS PACIFIC TIME. We're super excited for the release! He's dedicated it to all the trans whānau all over the world. He's also the co-founder of BODYHAUS, Tāmaki Makaurau’s Queer Strip Club Night. Drop him a follow!

#Bonus - @nikkietutorials (She/Her)

Nikkie De Jager also known as Nikkie Tutorials is a makeup artist (or MUA for those in the know!) from the Netherlands. She has been creating content and has been ‘one to watch’ for years, and only recently came out as trans. She is engaging, relatable and really funny - and, obviously, her artistry with makeup speaks for itself!

We know this is just a short, introductory list and there are many, many more talented trans artists out there. Head to the comments on our IG to share your own recommendations and your own socials if you are an artist yourself. Remember, supporting trans folks and their work doesn’t stop after Trans Awareness Week! We need to keep using our platforms to make their voices heard year-round.

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