Top 10 Thirst Quenching Instagram Follows Article Trutha Header

Top 10 Thirst-Quenching Feeds To Follow During Lockdown

Tea With Trutha

Top 10 Thirst Quenching Instagram Follows Article Trutha Header

Top 10 Thirst-Quenching Feeds To Follow During Lockdown

Tea With Trutha

Disclaimer: This content was written and published during the COVID-19 Alert levels and lockdown and 2020. We’re keeping the article up as we think there’s still useful info and advice in here – but please remember the context in which it was written is way different to how things are now.

Hello darlings!

It’s your favourite blogging beauty, Trutha Minnelli here with my latest segment -‘Tea with Trutha’. Now that we are all bundled up at home, we’re probably all a little thirsty – but I don’t just want to quench your lustful gaze, but your hearts and minds too! So, without further ado and in no particular order, introducing - Trutha’s top 10 thirst-traps for your mind, heart and eyes (of course) to follow on Insta while you are hunkering down during lockdown. Emphasis on the HUNK. 

Before we start, make sure you're following Burnett Foundation Aotearoa on Insta - your feed will thank you for it!

#10 - @pamfrombulls

Everyone’s favourite agony aunt and local gay icon, Pamela Hancock has something to cheer anyone up. Pam’s gram is a source for all the AMA content you could ever need. She demystifies sex and relationships better than any of my aunts ever could. For bonus content, you can visit her Facebook page to check out her ‘Aunty Answers’ vids. Thanks Pam, for being the 6 to my 9 xxoo

#9 - @lgbt_history

Here’s one for all you history buffs out there. This account is a beautiful pictorial journey through our whakapapa as queer folk. This feed is stacked with over 5,000 images full of rainbow history and their Insta story archive is a treat too, with book recommendations and Q&A’s. Get all your rainbow history thirst quenched at this at this one-stop-shop!

#8 - @theebillyporter

Queen of red-carpet lewks and haute couture, POSE star, Billy Porter’s gram is full of attitude and activism. He is the muthah we need, but don’t deserve. His posts defy gender, lift up the voices of our most marginalised communities and he teaches us how to live authentically and QUEERLY. Thirsty work, if I do say so myself. Big love to Billy!

#7 - @mkik808

This absolute QUEEN is an ex-dancer for Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson and Katy Perry. Unashamedly gay, Mark waves the rainbow flag high. My personal highlight are the dance parties he is throwing throughout his self-isolation. An undeniable hottie, Mark gives me thirst from the get-go. For a good time – head over to Mark’s gram! GET YOUR LIFE BOO!

#6 - @bigdipperjelly

You may know him from his big-boy-banger Lookin, but Big Dipper is a gorgeous bear of a man, serving a tall glass of body-confidence bliss on his feed. He’s a part of a lot of fun queer art in his scene and regularly flaunts his frame in an undie selfie – definitely flick him a follow!

Still thirsty?

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Still thirsty?

Keep scrolling!

#5 - @fransquishco

Writer and co-host of @gayslutswhoread (Food 4 Thot) podcast, Fran is the definition of thotty thirst-trap. Queer-personified, their gram is full of thirst-inducing content, humorous anecdotes and fierce socio-political activism. If anyone knows how to take a mirror selfie, it’s Fran – that should be reason enough to chuck them a follow!

#4 - @holland_vvv

K-pop fans, this one is for you! Holland (Go Tae-Seob) is South Korea’s first openly gay South Korean-born K-pop idol. Along with his music, Holland’s gram content uplifts the queer soul. It’s colourful, cute full of K-pop spirit. Holland breaks down expectations by being loud and proud and his Instagram, music and videos reflect this.

#3 - @thealexnewell

Gender non-conformists to the FRONT pleaaaase! Alex Newell has pipes for DAYS. They can sing, serve looks and slay all day. Besides bringing some of the HOTTEST singing thirst, some of the most elegant fashion choices I’ve seen are on their Insta feed, as well as some sweet street fashun dawwling! Look it UP.

#2 - @artqueerhabibi

@artqueerhabibi remains anonymous on the socials, primarily for his safety, but his art is dedicated to the representation of queer Middle Eastern and North African folk. His bold portraits evoke the rich tapestry and nuanced experience of living queer intersectionality, balancing culture and queerdom. Celebratory and uplifting, @artqueerhabibi serves me all the art thirst.

#1 - @chellaman

The bio on Chella’s Insta says it all. What an extraordinary human. His art - incomparable, his selfies – thirst-inducing, his relationship – goals, and his activism game – strong! As a transgender, genderqueer, deaf, Jewish, Queer Person of Colour, the visibility that his life and his Instagram account bring to QPOC and differently-abled people is what the world needs right now. Chella is an all-round trapper of thirst. If there is one thing you do today, follow Chella Man!

#surprise bonus follow - @blaisebyblaise

This local looker’s morning iso jazzercize classes give us life at the moment! If you need effervescent and extra meets sultry and sexy – this feed is a must. Serving lewks, throwing high kicks, impromptu drag, musical renditions – the lot. You’re welcome.

And so, my darlings, another blog comes to a close. I hope I haven’t left you too wet with all these juicy feeds.

Stay home, stay safe and stay hydrated 😉!


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