Image of two shirtless men in the throes of ecstasy, followed by one who is distracted by his own thoughts

Order self-tests for HIV and STIs

Image of two shirtless men in the throes of ecstasy, followed by one who is distracted by his own thoughts

Order self-tests for HIV and STIs

Don’t ride distracted; testing is an essential part of good sex, and self-tests are for you if you want to test privately, away from a clinic.

You can choose to order an HIV-only self-test (free), or a HIV and full STI screening kit (from $20).

Your kit will be sent to you in discreet, plain packaging, or you can get it sent via click and collect to a variety of locations. You can even pick up your HIV-only self-tests from vending machines at sex on site venues (in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland and Kirikiriroa Hamilton).

If you’re currently sexually active, this shouldn’t be the only time you get a test. You should be testing regularly because if you’ve acquired HIV or an STI recently, it may not show up on a test immediately. You can read more about window periods here, and work out how often you should be testing here.


At home STI check kit

HIV self-test (free)

This is a mouth swab (no blood) that you can take at home – or literally anywhere you like, for increased privacy - with results usually available within 20 minutes.

It’s super simple to do, (literally just a quick swish across both gums) but if you’re unsure, please watch the video below, which you can follow along with once your test has arrived.

Please note that you should not brush your teeth, eat, or drink, for at least 30 minutes before you begin the test.


STI at home test pack, swabs, info pack

Add on STI self-testing from $20

We have partnered with Sexual Health 101 to send out full STI screening kits in discreet packaging - so you can take all the tests (syphilis*, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and HIV) in one kit!

We want to make sure folks outside of the main centres, or in living situations where they can’t get to testing places easily, can test regularly and affordably - so we have subsidised these tests for those who are eligible, bringing the price right down to $20 total, ($40-$85 if not eligible). That includes courier fees, lab costs, the tests themselves and everything else!

When it arrives, the first thing we’d recommend is to set up somewhere you’re comfortable and not likely to be interrupted. Then carefully read and follow the instructions on the cards and booklets provided. Your kit should include the following:

  1. The HIV self-test, which contains a guidebook, test instructions and the actual test items.
  2. The STI self-test, which contains a guide for each test, plus the following test items:
    • Rectal (bum) swab
    • Throat swab
    • Front-hole (vaginal) swabs if you need them
    • Urine (pee) sample kit
    • Two lab forms, which tell the lab which tests have been paid for when you take, or courier, your samples in. Syphilis tests need to be taken at the lab, so make sure you head in and get this test because Syphilis is sneaky and we’re experiencing an outbreak at the moment.

* Syphilis tests not currently available in some regions.


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