Aotearoa New Zealand has access to vaccines that can be used to prevent the transmission of mpox. As the vaccine is currently an unapproved medicine here, a consultation is first required to discuss your eligibility for the vaccine and whether it is appropriate for you. Vaccinations are an important public health measure, as they can protect people against serious illnesses and assist the broader community in preventing the spread of illness.


Disclaimer: Please note that due to Section 20 of the Medicines Act, we are limited in our ability to discuss the mpox vaccine. The intent of this page is not to advertise the vaccine, but rather to ensure accurate, factual reporting of developments regarding the mpox vaccine and mpox consultation clinics following the Government’s announcement relating to the availability of the vaccine in Aotearoa.



Why should I get an mpox consultation?

Mpox can be a very painful and uncomfortable condition. We strongly recommend you read this blog by a fellow Kiwi talking about their experience with mpox. Preventing mpox can protect against spread in our community and especially protect your sexual partners.


Who is eligible?

The vaccine is free (though consultation fees may apply) and available to:

  • Gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM)
  • Trans and non-binary people who have sex with MSM
  • Anyone who is a close contact of someone who has been infected with mpox.

How can I check if I'm eligible?

If you're unsure, you can use our Mpox Risk Tool to assess your risk and eligibility for an mpox consultation.


How do I book a consultation?

The best thing to do right now is to arrange a consultation with your local sexual health clinic or GP. They will work with you to determine eligibility and appropriate prevention measures, including the vaccine. If this is deemed appropriate, they will be able to administer this - though their ability to do so on the day will depend on vaccine stock levels at the clinic in question. If stock isn't available, you may need to book a follow-up appointment. 


Where are mpox consultations available?

Consultations are available wherever there is vaccine stock. We don’t have full visibility of this, so the best thing to do is call your GP or local sexual health clinic to check.


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